Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Mathematical Theory of Meetings

Aquí tenemos una modela matemática para una reunión por Hans Freudenthal:

A meeting is an ordered set \begin{aligned} consisting of a bounded part \(M\) of Euclidean space; a finite set \(P\), that of the participants; two elements \(c\) and \(s\) of \(P\) called chairman and secretary; a finite set \(C_1\), called the chairs; a finite set \(C_2\), called the cups of coffee; an element \(b\), called bell; an injection \(i_1\) of \(P\) into \(C_1\); a mapping \(i_2\) of \(C_2\) into \(P\); an ordered set \(S\), the speeches; a mapping \(i_3\) of \(S\) into \(P\) with the property that c belongs to the image of \(i_3\) \end{aligned} If \(i_3\) is a surjection, it is usual to say that everybody has had the floor.
Encontré lo anterior mientras estaba leyendo el libro "The Mathematical Experience" y pensaba que está bastante  interesante compartir.

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